BBD’s is a new chef owned restaurant, making waves on Long Island. Chef Ralph Perrazzo, formerly of Bradley Ogden at Caesars Palace, Jean-George in Manhattan and Clio in Boston, has brought his talent home to open BBD’s (Beers, Burgers, Desserts). There are a plethora of “Burger” restaurants flooding the market as of late, but BBD’s stands out among the pack for being the only one that makes all three cooking styles of burger. Craving a big juicy Steakhouse Burger, cooked the way you like it on a wood & charcoal grill, with your choice of toppings? BBD’s has it. Got a hankering for that sloppy, griddle burger with all the fixings and a secret sauce? It’s there. In the mood for a steamed burger, with spot-on onion flavor infused and a super soft bun? It’s waiting for you. There is nowhere else you can satisfy all your burger cravings in one spot, except BBD’s. This unique approach to an American classic, The Hamburger, makes BBD’s a crowd pleaser.

Chef Perrazzo’s dedication to high quality food boarders on obsessive. Everything is made in-house. There isn’t a day you don’t see chefs bustling around the kitchen to get meat butchered, ground and pattied. Perrazzo insists on fresh burgers – no frozen patties allowed! “No fillers or fluff here. We serve real, honest food!” Perrazzo likes to say. There is no easy way out, when sausages are readily available from a variety of purveyors, the kitchen staff makes all the sausages in-house under the direction of their chef. It is refreshing nowadays, especially when most places are just opening boxes, heating and serving.

Burgers aren’t the only thing guests are enjoying at BBD’s. Beers – with 25 direct draw draught brews and 40+ bottles, BBD’s is doing its part in helping push the craft beer movement forward. Desserts – a big feature here as Chef Ralph is renowned for his delicious, fun and innovative sweets. The Gooey Cinnabomb with Coffee Ice Cream and Warm Brownie Batter Cake make it impossible not to save room for dessert. You can’t forget the Whiskey and Bourbon on draught as well. Patrons also keep coming back for other items like Confit Chicken Wings, BBQ Swine Belly, Cheeseburger Nachos, Candied Bacon Wedge Salad and the Chicken & Waffle Burger. Not to mention Chef Perrazzo’s constant flow of creativity resulting in Pickle Fries and Korean BBQ Fries, to name just a few.

BBD’s is a fresh take on the classic burger restaurant. Chef Ralph Perrazzo’s passion and devotion to fresh, amazing food is the driving force behind this popular and unique vision for the time-honored, beloved Hamburger. BBD’s, it’s craftsmanship you can taste!