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BBD's | Beers, Burgers, Desserts, and More | Craftsmanship You Can Taste

Beers, Burgers, Desserts

And so much more. bBd's is a burger restaurant like you've never seen before. Meticulously crafted burgers and elevated bar fare. An expertly curated craft beer menu. Desserts from decadent to ethereal. Chef Ralph Perrazzo's obsessive attention to detail and quality shine through at every turn.

Las Vegas Location Update

"No fillers or fluff here. We serve real, honest food!"

Chef Ralph Perrazzo

"The opening of bBd's in Las Vegas was a huge deal for the Nevada beer scene, and it could easily be argued that the restaurant has set the bar for craft beer and the intersection of brewing and gastronomy in that state."

Tim Adams - Oxbow Brewing Co

"Maybe you heard one of the renovated Palace Station’s new restaurants is another burger joint. You heard wrong. B.B.D.’s is a big, comfortable restaurant with a serious bar and serious food."

Brock Radke - Las Vegas Weekly

"The challenges his(Ralph Perrazzo's) intense and varied craft burger menu presented, literally had us inventing new surfaces, basting systems and scales. Upgrades that have benefited our entire family of grills."

Ben Eisendrath - Owner, Grillworks

"Ralph and Mike have been passionate advocates of beer, deeply enmeshed in the craft world, since before it was cool."

Joe Grimm - Owner, Grimm Artisanal Ales

"Chef Ralph is truly a visionary with his approach to what most people consider a menu staple. He has elevated the burger to legendary status by utilizing the best cuts of meat, freshly ground and prepared in ways most others haven’t considered."

Scott Swogger – AccuTemp Products, Inc.

"Las Vegas is home to almost as many burgers as there are poker chips, but BBD’s has it own flavor-packed niche."

Peter M. Gianotti - Newsday

"Very few bar owners take the time to learn the craft of beer and beer making to the extent that Ralph has. That attention to detail also shows in his food and his passion for service and a true guest experience."

Dani Casey - Foam Brewers

"When I think of bBd's and Ralph, I think of passion and craftsmanship...two characteristics that I believe are of utmost importance for any restaurant to be successful."

Michael R. Evans - Apex Capital Ventures LLC

"Aside from his (Ralph Perrazzo's) incredible culinary talent and obsessive attention to detail... what sets him apart from many chefs of his caliber is the refusal to compromise on sourcing the best ingredients available."

Nicholas Castellana - Prime Food Distributors

"Ralph Perrazzo is one of the hardest working, most passionate operators I have worked with."

Keith Cawthern - Palace Station Hotel & Casino