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I first met Ralph about 11 years ago when I was the Executive Vice President of Development for MGM Resorts. At that time, bBd’s was just a dream of Ralph’s, but I can vividly remember the clarity of vision that Ralph had for what he wanted bBd’s to become. For Ralph, bBd’s has never just been about money…rather bBd’s is Ralph’s canvas where he can practice his art.

When I think of bBd’s and Ralph, I think of passion and craftsmanship…two characteristics that I believe are of utmost importance for any restaurant to be successful. When Ralph opened his first bBd’s I was the COO of MGM Hospitality (MGM Resorts’ non-gaming hotel company) and I wanted to open bBd’s in the hotels we were developing. The timing did not work out for that, but I am now developing hotels on my own and I cannot wait to make bBd’s an integral part of my projects.

Michael R. Evans
Chief Executive Officer

Ralph Perrazzo is one of the hardest working, most passionate operators I have worked with. Ralph’s vision and attention to detail have allowed him to operate at a 25% food cost within the first 4 months of opening with us at Palace Station which is pretty unheard of. He and his team have also managed to garner multiple “best of” awards only a few months into the opening. We love what he is doing to help focus attention on the new Palace Station and help with the demographics change at that property.

Keith Cawthern
Director of Food & Beverage
Palace Station Hotel & Casino

Ralph Perrazzo is one of the most passionate operators and among the top culinary visionaries, I have worked with in Las Vegas. His broad vision and, concurrently, his attention to details have allowed him to timely craft and jump-start a new restaurant concept at the recently renovated Palace Station Hotel & Casino. Ralph and his team then quickly refined their newest operation to drive customer trial as well as to attract repeat guest visitation to our classic and original Las Vegas location. Ralph and his team have also successfully managed to quickly validate their well-deserved and multiple “best of” awards that are a hallmark of BBD’s and a telling backdrop of Ralph’s moniker, The Mad Scientist of Burgers. We truly appreciate what BBD’s, Ralph and his team of talented operators are doing to drive guest traffic and to focus consumer attention on the new Palace Station.

Joe Hasson
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Station Casinos

“Ralph has been a long-time supporter of craft beer and independent brewers. He is well known and beloved in the industry, not just through his work at bBd’s, but also from participating in industry events and community gatherings. The opening of bBd’s in Las Vegas was a huge deal for the Nevada beer scene, and it could easily be argued that the restaurant has set the bar for craft beer and the intersection of brewing and gastronomy in that state. When Ralph contacted us to supply him with beer for his new venture in a state where we had never sold beer we did not hesitate. We were drawn to the project not just because of Ralph, but also because he partnered with Mike Amidei, who is one of the most respected beer bar managers in the industry and who helped bring tremendous success and fame to his previous bar, the internationally acclaimed Tørst in Brooklyn. Ralph and Mike are an incredibly talented team and we are excited to continue to work with them in whatever way possible. “

Tim Adams
Oxbow Brewing Co

The company I work for named Station Casinos recently partnered with Ralph Perrazzo and the bBd’s brand due to their unique burgers, beer & dessert concept. We just completed a multimillion dollar remodel at Palace Station which was the first property ever built in our folio and is known as the first “locals” casino in Las Vegas since 1976. The property was rebranded into a sleek, progressive hotel-casino yet remaining a valued local joint. We needed edgy, distinct and passionate partners to attract a different clientele to our established but reformed property. Ralph and company fit that bill perfectly. Not only do they come with an exceptional food product, but the passion behind the food is also undeniable. The attention to detail is evident when you are dining and witness the energy that permeates through the organization all the way down to every plate of food served and every beer poured. We are proud to be united with this great brand.

Stacy Stagg
Vice President & General Manager
Palace Station Hotel & Casino

We have had the pleasure of working with Chef Ralph Perrazzo for a number of years. Being that his menus usually center around or involve meat, we as his source partners in protein have a very good understanding of the process and work that goes into the bBd’s Brand. Aside from his incredible culinary talent and obsessive attention to detail, I feel as if what sets him apart from many chefs of his caliber is the refusal to compromise on sourcing the best ingredients available. We have also witnessed his management style and training of upcoming chefs. He provides an environment for his employees where they are encouraged to learn and let their creative passion thrive. When you eat at a bBd’s establishment, you feel the extension of Chefs message and personality through the food, staff, and atmosphere. The ideology that makes bBd’s truly gives us customers to an unmatched dining experience.

Nicholas Castellana
Vice President
Prime Food Distributors

Ralph and his brand, bBd’s, provided us just the project we needed to take our built-in grills to the next level with the EXO series. The challenges his intense and varied craft burger menu presented, literally had us inventing new surfaces, basting systems and scales. Upgrades that have benefited our entire family of grills. All through the long design and build process Ralph was an amazingly creative force and has become one of our closest chef partners.

Ben Eisendrath

AccuTemp was first introduced to Chef Ralph Perrazzo at the Star Chef’s Congress in New York City. At this time bBd’s (Beers, Burgers, and Desserts) was a concept that Chef Perrazzo had put a lot of thought and work into already.

After seeing AccuTemp’s AccuSteam griddle in action at the show and hearing about our partnership with White Castle and In and Out Burger to produce custom griddle per their specification, the Partnership between AccuTemp Products and bBd’s was solidified.

Ralph’s idea of creating the best full size double steamed cheeseburger on the planet was visionary as no other restaurant was doing anything like this. It also required a griddle that was as custom as his product and vision. Working with Ralph, we were able to deliver a customized griddle that aided in the bBd’s double steamed cheeseburger winning the Rachel Ray Burger Bash in NYC in its first debut! Truly an amazing feat when you look at the competition!

While the custom steamed burger griddle is the centerpiece of the griddle line up, the AccuSteam griddle also aids in the preparation of the griddled burger and other products as well. With a total of 10 feet of AccuSteam griddle on the production line, bBd’s ensures that their premium product is hot, fresh and consistent no matter how busy the kitchen gets.

Chef Ralph is truly a visionary with his approach to what most people consider a menu staple. He has elevated the burger to legendary status by utilizing the best cuts of meat, freshly ground and prepared in ways most others haven’t considered. His unwavering dedication to quality has led him to much success and recognition early on with this concept and AccuTemp is proud to partner with Chef Perrazzo and his staff at bBd’s in the future.

Scott Swogger
AccuTemp Products, Inc.

As Vice President of Corporate Communications for Station Casinos the past 14 years, I’ve had the pleasure of helping to open up a variety of new hotel-casinos as well as work on several expansions and renovations, with Palace Station’s recent $192 million modernization among one of our most ambitious and spectacular. The reinvestment ushered in an exciting and new chapter for our Company and the addition of bBd’s was one of the highlights of all of our new offerings to come online.

The minute I met Chef Ralph Perrazzo, I knew I had met someone extremely passionate and proud of his craft, restaurant concept and the incredible quality and creativity of his menu. He touted four styles of burgers, an extensive vegan menu, a beautiful butcher shop on full display for guests as well as the comprehensive and unique craft beer program and every aspect he has brought to the market has exceeded our guests’ expectations in the few short months bBd’s has been open. We’ve introduced media to Ralph and bBd’s and every experience by reporters and editors has been so well-received and every restaurant review has been outstanding.

Ralph is very committed to bringing the best to Palace Station and bBd’s. We value our partnership with him greatly.

Lori Nelson
Vice President, Corporate Communications
Station Casinos

Craft beer is more than just a business trend. It’s a community of passionate, creative people who want to expand the experience of beer beyond its previous boundaries. There are plenty of people hoping to make a buck off of craft beer, but many of them don’t understand the community and the business from the inside. Ralph and Mike have been passionate advocates of beer, deeply enmeshed in the craft world, since before it was cool. Nowadays, my brewery is among the hottest in the US — but that wasn’t the case when Mike poured the very first keg of IPA that we ever brewed (at Torst, the pioneering craft beer bar that he managed). For us, the opportunity to debut our beer in Mike’s bar was a Very Big Deal. It wasn’t long after that before Ralph got in touch with me, because he had his ear to the ground and he was looking for interesting and new beer to put on draft at the original bBd’s. They were curators of taste; if they were pouring your beer, that meant something. Every brewer wants to be poured at Torst and bBd’s.

Simply put, Ralph and Mike are well known, well-liked figures with *credibility* in the craft beer world because they’ve earned it with years of engagement. I would not be comfortable selling a rare and special keg to a craft beer chain like World of Beer (for example), but when bBd’s comes calling, I always go out of my way for them because these guys have earned my trust.

Joe Grimm
Grimm Artisanal Ales

I have worked with dozens of Celebrity Chefs over the years and Ralph Perrazzo is one of a kind. He has a big personality yet no ego. He is down to earth and approachable. His restaurant concept is unique and innovative. He is very hands on and it is great to see him working the restaurant floor. He is loyal and hardworking and available at all hours (as evident from his 2 am texts). This management style attracts and retains the same type of staff, which is so valuable for restaurant success.

From an accountants perspective, he is very in touch with the finances and willing to act on any advice given. He instantly makes you feel like you are friends that have worked together for years which builds great teamwork and synergy. As a working Chef who butchers his own meat, he knows how to ‘trim the fat’! * He is also well ‘tapped’ into unique craft and artisan beers that are so popular and in demand right now. I see a great future for Ralph and I am very blessed to get to work with him on his first Vegas venture.

Kelly Bulgatz, CPA, CMA, CFE
CAI Capital Accountants

“I am a 60 year old, 4th generation farmer who owns and runs Crescent Duck Farm in New York. I employ over 80 people on a year round basis who help us breed, hatch, grow and harvest over 1 million ducks annually on our 140 acre Long Island Farm. I also own a feed milling business that supplies our farm, along with other livestock farms producing about 270 tons weekly.

My business is geared to servicing the restaurant trade. I have gotten to know many, many chefs over the years, and learned to cater to their ever changing needs. I have known Ralph Perrazzo for about 4 years. Ralph’s BBD concept was always very interesting to visit when he had a location nearby on Long Island. Over the years I have spent a fair bit of time listening to his questions and trying to match his needs. Ralph has a passion, love and energy for food that makes the restaurant experience fun. His trendy concept fits in nicely with the millennials as well as boomers. He has always been trustworthy and forthright which one doesn’t always find in the restaurant industry. It has been a pleasure knowing Ralph and I truly wish him well in whatever venture he delves next into.”

Douglas Corwin
Crescent Duck Farm, Inc./ Eastport Feeds, Inc.

I’ve been working with Ralph since we began our business in 2015. As a brewery dedicated to craft and community, it was important to us to partner with like-minded establishments. Sitting with Ralph on our first delivery back then reaffirmed why doing business with him was going to be a good decision for my brand. He wasn’t some hands-off owner. We sat among papers and invoices and talked for a while. He’s proven himself an honorable guy and continually went out of his way to make our beers a part of his food world. On top of being an obviously good choice to partner with, he is the type of personality that reinforces your own passions. His care and concern for good food translated to our concerns to make good beer. As such, he’s an asset to the community.

Bill Kiernan
Sand City Brewery

I have known Ralph Perrazzo for 10 years through the NYC beer scene and as a patron of his Rocky Point location, (self-confessed fanboy of his cuisine) despite it being a fair drive from my home in the City the trip was always worthwhile and very fulfilling, if I wrote business reviews, he’d have 5 stars easily regarding all aspects of his work, the cooking, plating, training, hospitality, and passion for this life is incredible. Ralph has always been ahead of the game on the beer scene in Long Island and the food at bBd’s is quite frankly awesome. Ralph’s passion for both food and drink are infectious. Ralph has also recently partnered with Mike Amidei whom I know from his work at Torst in Brooklyn. They should make a formidable duo when it comes to curating a beer list and serving world-class beer

Patrick Donagher
Beerly Legal Beer Group

I have known Ralph Perrazzo for over 15 years. Ralph has such a passion for the food industry and it shows throughout his career. He has taken various positions all across the country on his quest to diversify his knowledge about every aspect of the food industry. He put his heart and soul into creating bBd’s. His creativity, hard work, and knowledge of the food industry have made bBd’s a huge success. He is not afraid to put extraordinary amounts of time and energy into his endeavors. In addition to his busy schedule, he still manages to take time out to participate in various fundraisers. To top everything off he is a genuine, nice guy with the old school mentality where your word is your bond. You can always rely on him to lend a helping hand. I know he will do well in anything he takes on because he will give it everything he has.

Kenney Barra
East Wind Hospitality Group

“I’ve known Ralph Perrazzo for several years and found him to be a very passionate advocate of the craft beer community. From cooking at craft
breweries or community charities to just being behind the bar talking beer. He is very well known in the local beer community which is a bit unusual since he is from Long Island and we are located in Burlington Vermont. However, this simply shows the level of dedication and expertise he brings to the table. Very few bar owners take the time to learn the craft of beer and beer making to the extent that Ralph has. That attention to detail also shows in his food and his passion for service and a true “guest experience”. We understand that Ralph has also paired with Mike Amidei. Mike is someone we know from his work in Brooklyn at Tørst. Together they are very well regarded in the industry and we are excited to see what they have planned.”

Dani Casey
General Manager/Partner
Foam Brewers